Allen M Clark / PhotosByClark | About
Allen photographs marine scenes and regattas from Maine to Florida, spending more than 100 days on the water each year. A lifelong sailor and sailing instructor, Allen has a natural understanding of the way boats move that comes out in his work. As a boat delivery captain, he has logged thousands of miles, including trips to Bermuda and the Caribbean. Still, many of his best images were taken aboard his own cruising boat, a 37’ Gulfstar, which he has sailed throughout New England and to the Florida Keys. Allen’s regatta photography brand,, is known and admired throughout the United States sailboat racing community. He is regularly published in national sailing magazines such as Sailing World and SAIL. While photographing on the water nicely mixes art with adrenaline for Allen, photographing real estate, products, people, and landscapes allows Allen to use his eye in a different way. Allen’s wife, Daniela, shares his passion for travel, adventure, sailing and photography, and is often present at photo shoots.

“I love the adrenaline rush of being out on a race course in heavy-wind conditions. But still, there’s a lot of finesse in my job. Every one of my photos is the result of a carefully calculated position I put myself in on the water. I have to pay attention to the wind direction, waves and current, sun angle, clouds, the shadows created by the sails, and even the sail trim and position of the people on board. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat there waiting for a team to get the luff out of their jib before I take the shot. There is a lot I can’t control, but I have to be an expert in the things that I can. When I’m shooting [environmental portraits] on shore, that’s when I get my chance to have control. Having the ability to add artificial light into the equation is very exciting for me, and it never gets old. I think that enthusiasm comes out in my portrait work.”